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Katarzyna Witkowska
About (Vida): 

Greetings!  I am Katarzyna Witkowska and live in Poland in the early 15th Century.  I am a widow with considerable land holdings outside of Krakow.  In my youth I served in the court of King Jadwiga until her untimely death.  My husband and one son were killed in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410.  My family believed a young woman needed a fine education in order to run lands and so I learned much at the University.  I especially love to write poetry and tell stories to children.  I still consider myself an archer although I do not shoot as much as I used to.

In the SCA, I have been Poeta Atlantiae twice.  I love to teach poetry and story writing to children and adults.  I especially like to explore different genres of poetry and teach about them.  My favorite poet is Francois Villon.  I also like the Hebrew Poetry from the Golden Age in Christian and Muslim Spain.  Of course, I also study Polish Poetry and am working on being able to recite it in medieval Polish.  Except for a few words, I cannot speak or write Polish but I am working on it.  One of my goals is to be a better bard and use poetry of all kinds to entertain.  I am also studying herbs and their uses both in cooking and in healing.

I am a warranted youth minister and enjoy working with the fabulous youth of Atlantia.  I also create and offer Pages Academy classes.  I am also a warranted voice herald.  I especially like to travel throughout Atlantia and meet people and teach.

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